- WOLF BULLETS has been involved in the manufacture of hard cast lead bullets for over 15 years.

- We cast our bullets from virgin alloy only. 92% lead - 6% Antimony - 2% Tin

- To produce projectiles capable of velocities in excess of 1400 fps

- Our bullets are cast using the latest Magma Casting equipment.

- All bullets are lubed with Magma Dry Lube which will not build up inside your reloading dies.

- Bullets are custom sized to customer specifications - not to our convenience

- Bullets are packaged in 1000 rd. boxes.

- All orders are normally shipped within 5 working days.

- Our products are in use from coast to coast in Canada and the North Eastern United States.

- We are known for our commitment to producing the finest quality product possible.







 Check 'em out. (pictures)

9mm - 38 Super - 38 Special - 40 S & W / 10 mm - 45 ACP

44 Magnum - 45 Long Colt



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